If elections were held next Sunday, four parties would enter Parliament


If parliamentary elections were held next Sunday, four parties would enter Moldova’s Parliament, according to the Public Opinion Barometer for November 2022. Of the decided respondents, 36.5% would vote for the Party of Action and Solidarity, while 28.9% - for the Party of Socialists. Another 13.3% of those polled would vote for the Shor Party, while 6.8% - for the Party of Communists. No other parties would pass the election threshold, IPN reports.

17.9% of the respondents don’t know who they would vote for. 14% do not intend to vote for a particular party or to go to the polls, while 4.5% didn’t want to say who they would vote for.

The survey was presented on Friday in Bucharest. This is the fourth poll conducted by CBS-Research (Moldova), being commissioned by the Institute for Development and Social Initiatives “Viitorul” (Moldova), the L.A.R.I.C.S Center for Sociological Research (Romania) and the Institute of Political Science and International Relations “Ion I.C. Brătianu” (Romania).

The people were asked which of the mentioned countries helps now Moldova the most. 29.7% of those interviewed responded Romania, while 24.1% - the EU. Another 21.6% of the respondents don’t know or didn’t answer. 9% consider this is Russia; 6.7% – the U.S.; 4% –  Germany; 2.6% – no one, etc.

If a referendum on Moldova’s entry into NATO was held next Sunday, 22.4% of those polled would vote for, 54.5% would vote against, while 23.1% didn’t know or didn’t answer.

Also, if a referendum on Moldova’s union with Romania was held next Sunday, 35% would vote for, 47.4% would vote against, while 17.6% didn’t know or didn’t answer.

The poll shows that 38.7% of the respondents consider that 2023 will be worse; 32.7% that it will be better, while 17.1% think it will be the same. Among the most serious concerns of the Moldovans are the prices, the war in the region, poverty, the children’s future, the financial crisis, etc.

Asked what events in the near future would bring them joy, would inspire them with optimism and hope for a better future, 35.8% of those surveyed said the stopping of the war in Ukraine, 22.1% - the improvement of the living conditions in the Republic of Moldova, 18.4% – the restoration of relations with Russia; 13.5% – the entry into the EU, while 5.8% – the union with Romania.

The opinion poll was conducted during November 16-23 and covered a sample of 1,015 persons aged 18 and above. The margin of sampling error is +3%.