Honey harvest this year is by 30% lower


The honey harvest obtained this year is by about 30% lower than last year. Compared with the previous years, there was collected more polyflora honey (70%) than acacia and lime tree honey (30%).

Stefan Condratiuc, chairman of the Beekeepers Association of Moldova, has told IPN that the collection process goes on. About 5,000 tonnes of honey have been collected so far. The honey should be gathered by end-August, but many beekeepers do not do it on time and delay thus the preparation of bee families for winter. As a result, the quantity of honey that could be collected next year is diminished.

According to Stefan Condratiuc, 80% of the problems faced in the beekeeping sector are related to the human factor. The beekeepers already reported losses this season because they didn’t make the preparations for winter in time. Also, some of the apiculturists introduced bee species that are not adjusted to local weather conditions.

Stefan Condratiuc said seminars were staged with experts from Poland and Germany and the Moldovan beekeepers were warned not to bring into the country non-homologated species and hybrids that can yield honey only during the first year as the genetic stock is polluted. Such a situation is due to the fact that the authorities do not monitor the genetic stock.