Group of Orthodox Christians suggest how to vote on November 30


An initiative group of the Orthodox Christians, together with the Association “Pro Orthodoxies”, called on the people to vote for those who support the Orthodox values, not for the sin in the parliamentary elections on November 30. The Association’s head Ghenadie Valuta told a news conference at IPN that the people must not listen to those who speak, but to those who do things.

“We must promote and support the people who have an Orthodox face,” said Ghenadie Valuta. According to him, the Law on the Equality of Chances promotes homosexuality, which is a sin, while those who support it should not hold a seat in Parliament.

“For us, it is a sin to act in complicity with a person promoting the sin. The Orthodox Christians cannot support the sin and those who promote the sin,” stated the Association’s leader, noting that it is a sin to vote for the promoters of sin. Ghenadie Valuta didn’t give party names for which the Christians should vote, but said that the people who propagate the antidiscrimination law must not be supported.

Mihai Balica, a member of the initiative group of the Orthodox Christians, said November 30 is the day when the people will be able to vote for peace. “On November 30 we will have the chance to choose between the pro-sodomites and the Christians who are for the people. We are against extremism. We are for freedom and humanity. Do not yield to sin. If we want to build peace, we have the chance to change things on November 30. We must not vote for the sin on November 30,” he stated.

Citizen Alexandru Costiuc said the people must live in peace and must promote the Christian values, not debauchery and immorality.