Government seeks for investors of Chisinau Circus


The Circus of Chisinau will be transformed into a Join Stock Company, thus, it needs investors which will contribute to finishing the repair works of the edifice and restarting its activity. The Government adopted a decision in this respect on August 2. The Minister of culture and tourism, Artur Cozma declared that at present the second stage of the reconstruction works is carried out. Until now MDL 6.5 mln were spent for strengthening the basement of the building. In the second stage it is planned to spend about MDL 7 mln and in the third about MDL 35-40 mln. Cozma qualified the situation as “rather difficult”, because of financial reasons. In these conditions, it was ascertained that the only solution for overcoming the financial holdup is seeking for strategic investors which could buy the majority stock of the present State Enterprise. Transforming it into a Joint Stock Company will stimulate the future foreign investor to give the necessary money for repairing and restarting the activity of the Circus, Minister Cozma declared, quoted by Info-Prim Neo. The prime-minister Vasile Tarlev pleaded in favor of keeping 34-35% of the stock in state property and offered 15 days for drafting a concrete plan on this issue.