Government goes on supporting state companies with tax-payers’ money


State company „Moldtranselectro” is to be spared of the debts on the loans incurred from external and internal sources through the agency of the Finance Ministry worth 34.8 mln lei, Info-Prim Neo reports. The government has approved of a draft law in this respect. Vasile Mamaliga, deputy minister of industry and infrastructure, has said those debts were accumulated back in the 90s and, although this state company had been re-organised, they appear in the balance of payments, being a burden for the work of more companies. Concomitantly, the bill provides for annulling the same amount of debts towards Moldtranselectro belonging to power suppliers SA Retelele Electrice de distributie Nord from Balti (15.06 mln. lei) and SA Retele Electrice de Distributie Nord-Vest from Donduseni (19.83 mln.lei.) The bill is to be passed by the Parliament. The government also intends to spare municipal company “Apa-Canal” from Balti of a debt of 15.06 mln. towards power supplier SA Retelele Electrice de distributie Nord. The executive wants to forgive a debt of 19.83 mln. lei of the Soroca-Balti aqueduct exploiting interdistrict Direction towards the power supplier from Donduseni. Mamaliga says these moves are impelled by the current situation of payments among public utilities providers. The industry deputy minister considers forgiving the old arrears will lead to improving those companies’ financial situation and to make them resume working.