Governing democratic parties are contaminated with Bolshevism, Lib-Dem MP


“We usually associate Bolshevism with the Communist Party, but unfortunately there is political intolerance among the democratic parties, which is the equivalent of Bolshevism”, PLDM parliamentarian Iurie Tap declared during public debates “Political culture and civil society”, organized by Info-Prim Neo news agency. According to Iurie Tap, the governing parties’ political intolerance is related to the lack of high general culture. He thinks that the current situation can be changed through the general system of human values, which underlies national and moral values. To this goal, governors must learn to create a mechanism of collaboration between the state and civil society. Iurie Tap noted that civil society should use the potential of former officials. “We have former MPs, former prosecutors, who have a considerable active potential and the must be identified and included in the active part of civil society. What’s most important is that civil society should educate the people and help them make the right choice”, he said. The Liberal-Democrat MP thinks that the only solution for things to change for the better would be possible if politicians and civil society “were honest and didn’t lie to the people, thus helping Moldova to get on its feet”. The public debate “Political culture and civil society” is the ninth in the series of similar events organized as part of the project “Developing political culture in public debates”, supported by the German Foundation Hanns Seidel.