Fiscal receipts from Chisinau to the Consolidated Public Budget registered 5.6 bln


In the 11 months of this year, the fiscal receipts from Chisinau municipality to the Consolidated Public Budget constituted approximately 5.6 billion lei, which represents an increase of 125 million lei or 2% compared to planned receipts. According to the data provided by the Chisinau Fiscal Inspectorate, the receipts have surpassed the figures for the same period of the previous year by 1.4 billion lei or 33.9%. In the nominated period, the receipts to the state budget have increased by 91 million lei, or 4.2% compared to the planned figures. The municipal budget accumulated 47.9 million lei or 4.5% more than planned. The mandatory medical assistance insurance fund receipts registered increases of 1.9% or 5.1 million lei. Only for the budget for state social insurances, the municipal fiscal authorities did not manage to accumulate financial resources in excess of the planned receipts. In 11 months of this year, the financial plan missed 19 million lei, the accumulation index representing 99.1%. Until the end of the year, according to the Chisinau chief fiscal inspector, Procopie Duca, a further 603 million lei is to be accumulated for the national public budget, including 256 lei for the state budget, 102 million lei for the local budget, 24 million lei for the mandatory medical assistance insurance fund, and 254 million lei for the state social insurance budget.