First crèche for children of employees to be set up at municipal division


A crèche is being set up at the the General Division for Culture and Cultural Heritage as part of a pilot project that supports parents and creates friendly workplaces, which was initiated by the Chisinau City Hall that. According to the municipality, workplace crèches are increasingly popular because the parents want to get into work faster, while employers want to offer more possibilities to young specialists, IPN reports.

European Union practice has shown that women’s full participation in the labour market requires more opportunities for young parents to access childcare services and to be able to combine work and family life effectively. The Chisinau City Hall said that the Division’s employees who have small children will soon be able to return to work, being sure that their children are in care and safety. 

“Finally, with the support of UN Women Moldova, we will have spaces for activities outfitted with furniture and equipment, spaces for sleep, food, sanitary facilities,” said the municipality. Even when they return to work, the parents continue receiving child benefit according to the selected scheme.

For this project, the General Division for Culture and Cultural Heritage planned a budget of about 445,000 lei.