Farmers will be able to access 500,000 lei loans with 90% state guarantee


The Government will provide new support for grain producers affected by the crises of recent years. They will be able to access loans up to 500 ,000 lei with a 90% guarantee from the state, enabling them to start the agricultural season. The measure was announced at a meeting held by Prime Minister Dorin Recean and Minister Vladimir Bolea with a number of agricultural producers.

PM Recean emphasized the importance of modernizing agricultural businesses and analyzing the opportunity to process some crops in certain areas of the country, in order to avoid losses. “I want to thank the farmers who work very hard, diligently, manage to have profitable businesses and pay taxes. We are helping the agricultural sector and we will continue to find even more resources”, said Prime Minister Dorin Recean.

The farmers who have been protesting since last week, by blocking access to the Leușeni border crossing among other measures, asked the Government at today’s meeting for 400 million lei in extra subsidies. The money would go to buy fuel, seeds and fertilizers.