European integration will strengthen Moldova’s sovereignty, Foreign Affairs Ministry


The modernization of the country according to the EU standards, creation of better living conditions, guaranteeing of the rights and freedoms are the key objectives for strengthening the social cohesion of the citizens, regardless of their ethnic origin and political beliefs, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Daniel Vodă stated in a comment, referring to “Russian officials’ recent interest in stating their opinions on the developments in the Republic of Moldova, with inexistent subjects and false parallels being circulated in the period.”

“The European integration of our country, which has made constant progress in the last decades, is supported by most of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, culminating recently with the granting of the candidate status by the decision of all the EU member states. This opens a new page in the modern history of our country,” stated Daniel Vodă.

He noted it is well known that all the countries that experienced the EU accession process became more stable and resilient at political and economic levels. “This way, besides all the advantages known in society, the European integration will strengthen the sovereignty of the Republic of Moldova, the law enforcement agencies and our democracy, while the candidate status will improve the reform processes and European development, with a clear direction and destination – the accession to the European Union,” runs the comment.

The spokesman also said that the Moldovan-Romanian dialogue develops based on the strategic partnership for the European integration of the Republic of Moldova. “It is well known that Romania was the first state that recognized the independence of the Republic of Moldova, becoming now the main commercial partner of our country and an active supporter of the European transformation processes in our country. This mature relationship based on mutual trust between two sovereign states, with many common objectives, is an example in the bilateral dialogue,” stated Daniel Vodă.

Given the war, the unprecedented economic and humanitarian crises in the region caused by this, the Ministry supports the international community’s concerted effort to restore peace in the region and refrains from statements that can contribute only to the escalation of the situation.