Eugen Sturza: Moldova could host a military exercise jointly with NATO


Minister of Defense Eugen Sturza said he had discussions with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization on the holding of a joint military exercise on Moldova’s territory. The exercise could take place at the training center in Bulboaca. The issue was developed in the talk show “Fabrika” on Publika TV channel, IPN reports.

Eugen Sturza said the center in Bulboaca is turning into an ultramodern center with last generation drill infrastructure. “The Republic of Moldova hasn’t hosted exercises since 2004 and this would be an important step for our country,” sated the minister.

Eugen Sturza said Moldova’s participation in military exercises is massive. “We are trying to amplify the process. We staged and will stage military exercises,” he stated, noting he is having discussions with the development partners to extend the participation in military exercises geographically so as to make the Moldovan service members interoperable with colleagues from other states.

According to the minister, this is necessary for the Moldovan military to gain experience from the states that took part in armed conflicts. “We can gain such experience only by the joint training we organize,” said Eugen Sturza.