Embassy provides details about students’ access to Romania


The Moldovan students admitted to studies in Romania can enter the country as an exception, on condition that they present one or several documents showing what the goal of the trip is, Romania’s Embassy in Moldova has said following press reports about the ban on entry into Romania, IPN reports.

According to the Embassy, the students must present evidence of admission to studies, showing that they are to study in Romania, and also an informative document from education institutions concerning the necessity of their presence for formalities related to the start of the university year or for accommodation in dorms.

The Embassy noted the situation of minor students who study in Romania was also analyzed. The parents or other persons who accompany them will be allowed to enter Romania as part of the category of people who travel for imperative reasons. The accompanying persons who are not the parents of a minor student should fill out an own responsibility statement showing the purpose of the trip at border crossing points.