Elevators are not switched off


Elevators of the apartment blocks will not be switched off for debts on electricity. This new rule was set by the Government by adopting the modifications in the Regulation on providing and paying common and non-common services. The manager of the Regional Development Agency, Igor Semenovcher, noted that a compromise was set with the Municipality, as well as with power supplier Union Fenosa. According to new regulations, the payment for used electric power for block illumination and additional territories of the block, as well as for elevator services will be included by the suppliers of electric power in the bills. Due to these changes, in case when a part of inhabitants of the block reuse to pay for services, the supplier does not switch off the elevators and illumination of the block, but only the apartment of debtors. In the decision authors’ opinion, the new conditions could lead to dissatisfactions with certain social-vulnerable categories and others who are used to spend but not to pay for it. According to Semenovcher, Chisinau Municipal Council will abrogate the historical debts about 8 million lei, for elevators’ functioning for several years. At the moment, there are 1,840 elevators in Moldova, 400 of which are not functioning. According to data of the Company Union Fenosa, at the moment, the administrators of the blocks (APLP, IMGFL and CCL) have debts to the electricity supplier of about 18,5 million lei.