Electric and hybrid cars increasingly popular in Moldova


The electric and hybrid cars have been increasingly popular in Moldova. Over the past two years, the number of these has grown considerably. According to the State Register of Transport, over 25,000 new cars were registered in 2023. Out of these, 611 were electric, while 4,471 were hybrid cars. In 2018, only 42 electric cars and 3,497 hybrid cars were registered, IPN reports.

“The Public Services Agency, alongside other state institutions, has been involved in the promotion of electric vehicles. This way, the institution supported and endorsed a series of legislative provisions concerning the promotion of electric vehicles in the Republic of Moldova. New license plates for electric vehicles (green symbols against a white background) will be soon put into circulation,” the Agency noted in a press release.

The institution also said the state imposed reduced taxes on the import of hybrid cars: - 25% from the excise duty on non-hybrid cars of the same category for self-charging hybrid cars, and – 50% for plug-in hybrid cars.

For vehicles with electric propulsion, a zero excise duty is imposed regardless of the age of the imported electric car.

According to specialists, studies show the vehicle exhaust emissions are the main source of air pollution that affect the health of humans and contributes to global warming.