Eight schools and 15 kindergartens in quarantine


The students of eight general education institutions quarantine and 262 classes study remotely due to infections with COVD-19. As many as 401 students and 426 teachers tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Also, 8,522 students self-isolate, IPN reports, with reference to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research.

Of the 1,398 early education institutions, 1,320 kindergartens started work based on the founder’s decision. Fifteen kindergartens and 48 children’s groups quarantine. The COVID-19 virus was confirmed in 13 preschoolers. As many as 1,371 kindergarten children self-isolate. Also, 105 kindergarten teachers were confirmed with the novel coronavirus and 145 teachers self-isolate.

In technical vocational education, 37 students and 16 teachers tested positive for COVID-19 during November 16-20. Seventeen groups quarantine.

In the period, 32 university students and 21 university teachers tested positive for the virus. Another 161 students self-isolate.