Dumitru Alaiba requests investigation of fictitious donations to PDM


The General Prosecutor's Office and the National Anticorruption Center are requested to investigate cases that have drawn the public opinion’s attention and which refer to the fictitious donations of individuals or groups of persons to political parties. The request belongs to the MP of PAS group, ACUM Bloc, Dumitru Alaiba who, in a personal blog post, mentions that this is a money laundering practice, IPN reports.

"In particular, I refer to the case of fictitious donations to the Democratic Party in Criuleni district, in March 2018," writes Dumitru Alaiba on the blog.

According to the MP, the state institutions have not been notified ex officio, but it is high time to do so now, in order to establish the scale of the operation and the existence of such cases in other districts. "We are possibly talking about a money laundering scheme that has been operating for years and which has legitimized hundreds of millions of lei," says the MP, who also mentions that there is a vast list of potential witnesses.

In the context, Dumitru Alaiba gives a description of the stages through which this scheme operates. "Placement is the stage when illegitimate funds are introduced into the financial system," writes Dumitru Alaiba, referring to the first stage of the money laundering scheme through donations. The "laundering" of property, while its source and origin are hidden, and the reintroduction into the economy of the "laundered" property as a legitimate one are the other two steps mentioned by Dumitru Alaiba. According to the MP, money laundering is done through casinos, restaurants, car washes and, in the Republic of Moldova, through political parties.