Drone fragments found in Etulia contained explosive


At the place where Shahed drone fragments were detected, specialists of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit of the Police found the drone’s combat part that contained about 50 kilograms of an explosive substance. The General Police Inspectorate said that defusing and fragment collection works were carried out. Over the next few hours, police officers will ensure the detonation of the detected explosive in safe conditions, IPN reports.

From the moment the fragments were detected until the completion of on-site examinations, the entire perimeter was secured.

Shahed drone fragments were detected on February 11 close to the Moldovan-Ukrainian border, near Etulia village of Vulcanesti district. The Border Police said that according to the Ukrainian authorities, a drone strike took place on the night of February 10 on Ismail region in Ukraine, near the border with the Republic of Moldova. There are suspicions that the detected drone debris belongs to one of the drones that were shot down by the Ukrainian antiaircraft system.