Dinu Plîngău: Work of our group on CMC caused damage to our image rather than brought political advantages to us


The chairman of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” (PPPDA) explained the reasons why Andrei Năstase decided to leave the party. Dinu Plîngău said the party’s founding president wasn’t excluded from the party as he tendered his resignation himself. He made it clear that the main divergences appeared when the group of the PPPDA on the Chisinau Municipal Council (CMC) started to vote for doubtful decisions to concede land together with the Socialists. As the head of the party’s group of municipal councilors, Andrei Năstase is directly responsible for the spoiling of the party’s image, IPN reports.

Dinu Plîngău said that immediately after the failure in the snap parliamentary elections, the members of the party decided that the party’s leaders should step down. He accepted to take over the party as Andrei Năstase announced his decision to withdraw from politics.

“We realize that it will be hard for the PAS to repeat its success in four years. Respectively, an alternative is needed so as to ensure the path of European integration is continued as the pro-Russian parties, the Shor Party and people with serious integrity problems are the other alternative. That’s why, if a political alternative is not created, the risks that corrupt people will come to power after the next elections is very big. When I had a discussion with Andrei Năstase, he said that he would withdraw from politics so that young people come to manage the party. But the situation changed then. I took over the party not in the best state,” Dinu Plîngău said in the talk show “Shadow Cabinet” on JurnalTV channel.

Dinu Plîngău noted that the first blows to the party’s image were given when the municipal councilors led by Andrei Năstase started to vote for dubious financial decisions and the vote in the CMC made the people believe that the PPPDA cooperates with the Party of Socialists. The work of the party’s group on the CMC only affected the party’s image.

“The Political Bureau decided to withdraw the political support for the whole group, including for Andrei Năstase. He is directly responsible for the group’s activity that, regrettably, caused damage to our image rather than brought political advantages to us. All the others were excluded from the National Political Bureau, except for Andrei Năstase. As regards Andrei Năstase, the National Political Council was to be convened to consider his situation, but he tendered his resignation. I will also be reproached by my mates for the good or bad results in the next local elections, as Andrei Năstase was. As the chairman of the party, I assume both the merits and the failures. One cannot assume only the accomplishments,” stated Dinu Plîngău.

Dinu Plîngău was elected chairman of the PPPDA in the party’s congress of May 2022. His challenger Kiril Moțpan lost to him with a score of 316 to 163 votes.