Deputy Premier Bolea goes to Cahul to discuss with protesting farmers


Prime Minister Dorin Recean announced that Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Bolea will travel to Cahul on Wednesday to talk to the farmers who have been protesting for several days. Discussions with farmers are also planned for Friday, at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, and the Prime Minister will also participate in them, IPN reports.

“Today, at 4 p.m., Deputy Prime Minister Bolea will be waiting for them in Cahul, where there was the epicenter of last year’s drought. There are most of the economic agents that suffered. They will discuss in detail the 50 million lei approved for compensation in the amount of 2,500 lei per hectare. Grain producers and other farmers are expected to go there,” Premier Recean told a news conference.

For Friday, a meeting with farmers, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Bolea, will take place at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry and the Prime Minister will also be present there.

The farmers launched protests last week. For several times, they blocked the access road to the Leușeni customs post. The farmers say that they are on the verge of bankruptcy and demand that Vladimir Bolea should set down as minister of agriculture and food industry.