Democrats could ask Venice Commission to pronounce on amendment of prosecution service law


Democratic MP Vladimir Cebotari said he does not rule out the possibility that they will ask the Venice Commission to analyze the amendments made by the parliamentary majority to the law on the prosecution service. A similar approach will be made to the Constitutional Court when the members of this are appointed. The issue was developed in the talk show “Fabrika” on Publika TV channel, IPN reports.

“I told my colleagues: “If you want to politically subdue this institution, at least do it legally and don’t hide behind interpretations that go beyond any legal framework. Have the courage to amend the law. At least this will be legal, but the institution will be further politically subdued. If they insist on this interpretation that evidently goes against the legal framework of the prosecution service, we will definitely challenge such a step at the Court that does not yet exist. The request will wait until it is clarified, but we could also go to the Venice Commission,” stated Vladimir Cebotari.

He noted that what is going on in Moldova is nothing else but the start of dictatorship. The current government subdues the state institutions, dates to interfere in the administration of justice and banned a journalist from entering a public institution , which is dictatorship.

Journalist Ștefan Secăreanu said serious violations that do not inspire confidence are committed in the country. “They make mistakes and these are made by those who concluded this arrangement and installed this government. I always pleaded for another composition of the government, with full exclusion of what Russia means and of what Russian battalions in the Republic of Moldova mean. They give powers to Dodon, forgetting that we are a parliamentary republic, not a presidential one,” he stated.

The participants in the program referred to the changes made to the law on the prosecution service by which the President was empowered to name an acting prospector general.