Customs officers the first to celebrate Moldova’s Independence


A professional action, dedicated to the anniversary of 15 years since Moldova’s Independence and creation of the Customs Service, started at the customs unit Naslavcea of the Ocnita Office and will finish on 27 August at the Customs Office of Giurgiulesti. The spokesman of the Customs Service, Ion Magu, reported that the “Race” includes many organizational and cultural-sportive activities at which all territorial subdivisions of the customs will take part. Every office will hold the event for 7 days and will fulfill a joint album with informative material and pictures regarding its activity and development along 15 years. While organizing this activity will be held an Open Doors’ Day in every customs office; also cultural-sportive actions, at which the employees of the customs service and the nearby population will take part. The Customs Service of Moldova was created immediately after proclaiming the independence of the country, on 4 September 1991, when the President’s Decree «On subordination of customs institution situated on the territory of Moldova» entered in effect. In October 1994, RM became member of the World Customs Union, comprising 142 states.