CSM obliged to convene the General Assembly of Judges


Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) is required to convene the General Assembly of Judges, at the initiative of at least 50 judges. The decision was issued on September 20 by the Court of Appeal, after a group of incumbent judges addressed the court with the proposed draft agenda, IPN reports.

According to the decision, the CSM shall organize the process preceding the extraordinary meeting of the General Assembly of Judges and prepare the necessary normative materials and documents related to the issues included on the agenda. The Council will publish the decision on the convening of the Assembly on the web page, as well as inform the courts about the date and draft agenda.

Two days ago, the CSM decided to postpone the examination of judges' request for the convening of General Assembly. Also, the members of the Council ordered the judicial inspection to verify under what conditions the signatures were collected from the magistrates, more precisely if they knew for what they signed. According to some CSM members, some judges were informed that they were signing for the convening of the Association of Judges, not of the General Assembly of Judges. The Inspection’s conclusions are to be submitted at CSM meeting next week.

Several judges have categorized the CSM's decision to order the inspection as an intimidation action.