COVID-19 travel advisories updated


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration published information about the COVID-19 travel advisories that was updated on December 4. In most of the states, the restrictions for citizens of the Republic of Moldova remain effective, IPN reports.

The ban on entrance to Romania through border crossing points for foreigners and stateless persons was extended, with a series of exceptions. The citizens of the Republic of Moldova and of other states who do not fall into the exception categories cannot enter Romania during the state of alert.

Ukraine allows entry to foreigners, including for transit purposes, on the mandatory presentation at the border crossing point of a health insurance policy that will serve as a guarantee for covering the costs related to treatment for COVID-19. The Moldovans who will not have the negative test for COVID-19 (through the PCR method) will be obliged to self-isolate at home (relatives, friends, rented accommodations) or will be placed in quarantine (observation areas) for a period of 14 days after downloading the application “Action at Home” on the personal mobile phone. While in Ukraine in quarantine, the persons can do the test for COVID-19 at Ukrainian medical labs during 48 hours of the crossing of the border.

The Italian authorities on December 3 approved new measures to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. The persons who during the last 14 days visited or transited the Republic of Moldova cannot enter Italy. There are several exceptions that enable the persons to travel on the confirmation of the reasons, such as: service necessity, absolute emergency, health reasons, studies and return to the domicile or residence. The citizens of the EU, the countries of the Schengen Area, the UK, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and Vatican, who have residence/domicile in Italy, and the members of their families (husband/wife, concubinage partners, dependent children younger than 21) can enter Italy even if they visited the Republic of Moldova during the past 14 days.

The update information is available on the Ministry’s website www.mfa.gov.md (COVID-19 travel alerts) or on the direct link https://bit.ly/3lHFKRF.