Contest for selecting PCCOCS head “can’t proceed further”


The special commission pre-vetting candidates for the vacant position of Chief Prosecutor of the Special Cases Prosecution Office has announced that the process cannot proceed further.

The commission was supposed to conduct interviews with the candidates. But only three of the five members showed up. First, they took note of prosecutor Eugeniu Rurac’s decision to withdraw from the contest. Then the attending members were notified of the decision made by the absent member Ion Guceac to step down from the commission.

Finally, the three attending members, Tudor Osoianu, Roman Eremciuc and Boris Poiată, stepped down themselves.

The commission thus found it “impossible for the contest to continue”. The remaining candidates were formally notified of the decision, and so was the Superior Council of Prosecutors.

Later in the day, the Council received a formal letter from the fifth member, Iulian Groza, who also decided to step down from the commission.