Communists and Socialists didn’t show up at consultations with President Sandu


The MPs of the Bloc of the Communists and the Socialists didn’t come to the consultations initiated by President Maia Sandu for identifying a candidate for Prime Minister. The information was confirmed for IPN by the spokeswoman for the presidential administration Sorina Ștefârță.

The leader of the Party of Socialists Igor Dodon in a TV program said the MPs of BECS will not go to consultations. The consultations should take place in accordance with the Constitution and should not necessarily be held in the Presidential Palace. The Bloc’s MPs invited Maia Sandu to hold consultations in the Parliament Building, as he did in 2019.

President Maia Sandu for July 30 announced consultations with the parliamentary groups for agreeing a candidate for Prime Minister. The MPs of the Party of Action and Solidarity came the first. They said they propose Natalia Gavrilița for Prime Minister. Consultations with the MPs of the Shor Party’s group followed.