CNAS’ website became accessible for persons with visual impairments


The official website of the National House of Social Insurance (CNAS) was adjusted for persons with visual impairments. “The users of the applications from the CNAS’ website will be able to easier find up-to-date information about the setting and payment of pensions and other social benefits,” the institution said in a press release that is quoted by IPN.

According to the CNAS, the offered electronic services are permanently developed and updated so that any person, regardless of age and social category, has access to information placed on the official website of the company.

Currently, www.cnas.md provides the following electronics services: “e-Application for Families with Children”, Access CPAS, e-Petitions, Status of Medical Certificate, Retirement Age Calculator, Pension Calculator, Extract CPAS, Mpay (application through which state social insurance contributions can be paid).

The National House of Social Insurance calls on the recipients who have access to the Internet to use the electronic services so as to avoid the dangers posed by the novel coronavirus. So far this year the official website of the CNAS has been visited by 3.5 million users.