CMC distributed 3 apartments of 1,3 million lei


Chisinau Municipal Council (CMC) distributed on Wednesday, 1 March, 3 apartment amounting to 1,3 million lei, in the blocs built by the Municipal Agency of Mortgage Chisinau (AMIC). AMIC proposed these apartments in exchange of the debt of 1,3 million lei that it had towards the mayoralty. An apartment with 3 rooms was distributed to deputy commissioner of municipality Chisinau, Petru Corduneanu, the second one, with 3 rooms, to the head of the Information, Instructive Programs and International relations Service of the Centre for Human Rights in Moldova, Valentina Didencu, and the 3 one, with 2 rooms, to coordinator specialist of the Juridical department of the mayoralty of the capital, Angela Nenita. The last one brings up a disabled child. The local officials approved the distribution of those 3 apartments in spite of the objections of the counsellor, Oleg Cernei, who required that Petru Corduneanu and Valentina Didencu not to benefit from these apartments. Cernei argued with the fact that the deputy commissioner had an apartment in the district Rascani of the capital and benefited from a land that he gave away. Beside this, Cernei also noted, Corduneanu is on the 21 spot in the list of police employees for getting an apartment. Regarding the distribution of the apartment to Didencu, Cernei mentioned that she is not an employee of the mayoralty of municipality Chisinau and she does not have the right to dwelling on the local public administration line. The faction of the Christian Democratic People’s Party of CMC also was against the distribution of the apartments, the reason being that the subject was not discussed in the Commission for budget, economy, finance and local public patrimony.