Civil servants not allowed to use image, name, signature in advertisement


Civil servants are strictly forbidden from using their images, names or signatures in any form of advertisement. At the same time, the person that holds a public office may not accept gifts if their provision is directly or indirectly related to the exercise of the office duties. The interdictions specified above shall not apply in case of taking gifts in compliance with the protocol, or by virtue of the traditions related to the position of the respective person. Also, civil servants may not accept gifts the cost of which is higher than their minimum salary. The value of the gifts and services accepted during a calendar year must not exceed the quantum of a civil servant’s salary. These provisions are included in the draft Law on conflict of interests, approved by the Government at the sitting of February 7. The present project regulates the conflict of interest and incompatibilities and restrictions referring to exertion of public dignitaries or public functions. Under the draft law, The candidate at the election, appointing or confirming in a public office, as well as persons exerting a public dignity or a public office are obliged to identify and to declare in written form personal relevant public interests, that could influence official duties. A declaration on personal interest will include information on functions within some associations, fond, or other non-government organizations or political parties; Relations with international organizations; Professional paid activities; The state of stockholder or associate at a commercial company, or other credit institutions, insurance and financial associations. The draft law was worked out by the Ministry of Justice, in compliance with the Plan of actions for carrying out the National Strategy for Corruption Prevention and Combating. Though in the informative note it is mentioned that a conflict of interest does not mean corruption from start, there is acknowledged that the appearance of certain conflicts between the personal interests and political obligations, if they are not treated correspondingly, can lead to corruption.