Chiril Moţpan: national security in danger, secret negotiations with PDM


Chiril Moţpan, Chairman of the parliamentary Committee on Security, Defence and Public Order, says that the fall of Sandu Government would pose risks for national and regional security and that, allegedly, president Igor Dodon secretly negotiates with the representatives of the Democratic Party in order to form a new government. The MP made the statements on a social network, specifying they were based on data obtained "from confidential sources", IPN reports.

"The eventual fall of Sandu Government will by all means lead to the change of the political regime in the Republic of Moldova, which, in its turn, must be viewed as a serious threat to the security of the Republic of Moldova and to regional security. This is the information obtained from confidential sources which shows that President Dodon is in secret negotiations with the PD representatives and discusses the sharing of state institutions, including those that cannot be politically subjected to partition. From my point of view, the coming back to power of PD mafia structures, coupled with the economic and geopolitical interests of President Dodon, would endanger not only the security of the state Republic of Moldova, but also the regional security. And this could occur by the relaunch of criminal schemes of illicit enrichment and expansion of Russian secret services in the space between Dniester and Prut. We cannot exclude the obscure interests of some representatives of these parties to take over the state's strategic institutions, first of all, Chisinau International Airport, but also the Mărculești one”, writes Chiril Moţpan.

Referring to the same sources, the PPDA MP states that on Tuesday, November 12, the head of state will dismiss the current Government after an ultimatum that will be submitted today, November 11. "Igor Dodon will address the ACUM bloc's leadership the message that the only possibility to solve the crisis and not to dissolve the Government is to withdraw Maia Sandu’s initiative to assume responsibility for the amendments to the Law on Prosecutor's Office. Dodon will give ACUM bloc time until Tuesday. The same message will be sent Monday to the US ambassador whom Dodon will give assurances that he will continue to promote a non-aggressive policy towards the West, also deepening these relations,” maintains Chiril Moţpan.

In this context, "Dodon has already initiated secret talks with the PD in order to create a formal or informal coalition, in particular on voting for a minority government. He insists that Ion Chicu, presidential adviser, former finance minister, be prime minister. Dodon is willing to give PD positions of ministers, excepting the following ministries that will belong to PSRM: Ministry of Internal Affairs (he proposes Gheorghe Cavcaliuc); Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration; Ministry of Finance; Ministry of Defence; Deputy Prime Minister for reintegration office; SIS; Prosecutor Office. In the secret talks with the PD, Igor Dodon promises that he will close all the criminal cases against the Democrats and will offer guarantees in this regard. Moreover, they discuss preparing of compromising materials about Andrei Năstase and Maia Sandu, so that the politicians could no longer return to their roles as leaders of street protests and into politics in general”, writes the Chairman of the Security, Defence and Public Order Committee in his post on social media.

Earlier, MPs from the PSRM and ACUM groups announced their willingness to conduct negotiations last weekend, in order to identify solutions to the crisis generated by the Sandu Government’s initiative to assume responsibility for amending the Law on the Prosecutor's Office, but in the public space, no confirmation has been made in this regard.