CEC president: Additional election day would cost about 44 m lei


The Central Election Commission (CEC) issued its opinion on the legislative proposal to amend the Election Code so that it allows for holding parliamentary elections and presidential elections during two days.

The CEC said the modification of the period of time needed for voting implies the adjustment of the voting conditions. The procedures for securing voting, keeping and ensuring the integrity of used and non-used ballots during two days need to be modified. The rules for ensuring the confidentiality of information from the registers of voters, the norm concerning the ban on campaigning on the election day and the day before this and the deadlines for presenting financial reports will have to be reviewed.

Contacted by IPN for details, CEC president Dorin Cimil said that by its opinion the Commission only drew attention to situations that can take place. It didn’t disapprove of the bill. The document was assessed more from the angle of its economic-financial opportunity, including outside Moldova’s borders. Parliament is to pronounce on the bill. If it is adopted, the electoral bodies will have the capacity to cope with all the necessary changes.

An additional election day would cost about 44 million lei, which is similar to the sum spent on organizing the presidential runoffs.

The CEC’s opinion will be transmitted to the Ministry of Justice.

The bill to amend the Election Code was registered by PPPDA MP Vasile Năstase at the end of this May. Under the bill, the parliamentary elections and the presidential elections will take place all over Moldova and abroad during two days, on Saturday and Sunday, while the local elections and referendums - as until now, on Sunday.