Case of multiple voting reported in Anenii Noi


The police are investigating a case of multiple voting in Anenii Noi and four cases of non-observance of the pandemic measures in Criuleni, Florești, Dubăsari and Comrat. In two cases, the investigation is over and decisions were taken, while in another two cases the examination continues, Marin Maxian, deputy head of the General Police Inspectorate stated in a press briefing, being quoted by IPN.

According to him, since the start of the voting process until 7pm, the police had been informed about over 240 incidents, 80 of which were reported by election contenders. Seventy-one of these refer to the organized transportation of voters to polling station and actions to influence the people to vote for a particular contender. Nine of the cases referred to electoral campaigning on the day prior to the election day and on election day. All the cases are being examined.

The police are also examining 19 cases of illegal placing of electoral posters in Basarabeasca, Chișinău, Briceni, Călărași, Cimișlia, Comrat, Edineț, Florești, and Sângerei, 22 cases of campaigning in Anenii Noi, Chisinau, Briceni, Ceadîr-Lunga, Comrat, Dondușeni, Glodeni, Ialoveni, Orhei, Telenești, Soroca, and Vulcănești, 14 cases of voter corruption in Anenii Noi, Bender, Chisinau, Cahul, Căușeni, Drochia, Edineț, Florești, Ialoveni, Strășeni and other districts, 21 cases of damaging of ballots, not putting of the stamp on the ballot  and other related cases, 13 cases of damaging of stamps when using mobile ballot boxes and other relates incidents, and 20 cases of power outage.

When the polling stations are closed, the police will accompany the members of electoral bureaus to electoral constituencies for transmitting the ballots so as to ensure their safety.