Carrying IDs becomes mandatory in public spaces


During the ongoing state of emergency, it becomes mandatory for everyone except minors to carry a form of identification, or copies thereof, in all public spaces, either open or enclosed, including on public transport. This was decreed today by the National Extraordinary Commission on Public Health.

The presentation of a form of identification, or copies thereof, is also mandatory when showing the Covid certificate.

According to the Ministry of Health, starting October 15 members of the public will be able to download for free their Covid certificates, which is official proof of vaccination, or negative test result, or presence of post-illness antibodies. The certificate will be available in Romanian and English.

The certificates issued by a foreign country will have to be in one of the following languages: Romanian, English, French, German, Italian or Russian. Otherwise, an authorized translation will be required.

Those entering Moldova and having to self-isolate will be able to fill in the required epidemiological sheet online. Provision of false information is a punishable offense.