Candidates in four constituencies can start registering today


Candidates for the snap parliamentary elections of October 20 in the uninominal constituencies no.17, 33, 48 and 50 can be nominated and can register as of today, August 21, IPN reports.

According to the Central Election Commission (CEC), in order to register, candidates must submit, together with documents envisaged by the normative framework, the subscription lists containing the signatures of 500 to 1000 supporters who have the right to vote in the uninominal constituency where they intend to run for. A female candidate can be registered if she submits the signatures of 250 to 500 supporters.

For the registration of the initiative group, the candidate for the position of Member of Parliament shall submit personally, at the latest 50 days before the election day, to the constituency council a set of documents listed on the CEC page. Within three days from the receipt of documents, the uninominal constituency electoral council will verify if they are correct and decide on the registration or refusal to register the initiative group.

The candidates’ registration documents shall be submitted to the electoral councils of the uninominal constituencies. Contact details, place and time for receipt of documents can be consulted on the Commission’s official website.

The deadline for submitting documents for initiative groups registration is August 30 inclusive.