Candidate for prime minister seat presented list of ministers in Parliament


The candidate for the position of prime minister, Ion Chicu, presented today, November 14, the list of ministers for the new government.

"The political crisis that started a few days ago can have extremely serious repercussions for the socio-economic fields. We are all aware that with each passing day, the crisis and implicitly the malfunctioning of the central and local public administration, will aggravate even more the country's situation in the eve of winter. That is why my colleagues and myself took the decision in just a few hours after the president of Moldova signed the nomination decree of the candidate for the position of prime minister, to ask for your kindness, dear Members of Parliament, to examine the establishment of a new government", said Ion Chicu in Parliament's plenary session.

Sergiu Pușcuța was nominated for the position of deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, while Alexandru Flenchea was nominated for the position of deputy Prime Minister for reintegration. Anatol Usatîi's candidacy was put forward for the seat of Minister of Economy and Infrastructure, Pavel Voicu - Minister of Internal Affairs. Fadei Nagacevschi was proposed for the Minister of Justice position. Aureliu Ciocoi was proposed as Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, as Defense Minister - Victor Gaiciuc, Minister of Education, Culture and Research - Corneliu Popovici, Minister of Health, Labor and Social Protection - Viorica Dumbrăveanu. Ion Perju was nominated for the Minister of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment seat.

"Considering the status of minority government, which was established in order to redress the precarious situation in most areas of socio-economic life in Moldova, the time horizon is limited to the period up to the presidential elections of autumn 2020. The program reflects the government's vision regarding the issues that require immediate action over the course of the coming weeks or even hours in order to restore the functionality of the central public administration, which was significantly affected during the last months", said Ion Chicu.

The candidate for the prime minister's office said that the government's program focuses on several priority areas, namely on social, economic and business initiatives.

"We intend to literally transform the country into a construction site over the course of the next year. We will primarily focus on road infrastructure. We will start as soon as weather conditions allow it. We set the objective to reorientate available funds for investments, about four to five billion lei, towards infrastructure investments. Additionally, we already have a plan to attract 300 million euros next year in order to repair and build roads on the main arteries of the country", said Ion Chicu.

The candidate for the position of prime minister said that the most "urgent emergency" is justice reform and the prosecutor's office reform. "We have counted hours to adjust the concept of reform of the Supreme Court of Justice and the extraordinary evaluation of judges and prosecutors, in strict accordance with the recommendations of the Venice Commission and other specialized international forums, so as not to miss the Commission meeting that takes place in December. We must continue the process of selecting an independeny general prosecutor with integrity, in accordance with the legislation in force. In no time, we must identify urgent solutions in order to prevent bottlenecks within the justice system", said Ion Chicu.

According to him, the new executive will focus on strengthening strategic partnerships with the US and the Russian Federation. Additionally, the government will intensify efforts to deepen friendly relations with neighboring states, Romania and Ukraine.