Call on respect of democratic institutions and fundamental human rights in Ukraine


February 19, 2014, Chisinau

Civil Society ofMoldova reaffirms its full support for the people of Ukraine aspirations for the European democracy. We admire the courage of the people of Ukraine and its peaceful struggle for national sovereignty. We express deep condolences for the loss of human lives. We ascertain the direct responsibility of the current President and interim Government of

Ukraine for:

1) undermining democratic institutions by: censoring and closing TV stations, encouraging attacks on journalists, installing political censorship in the Verkhovna Rada, suspension of the legislative initiative right of deputies, harassment and persecution of deputies on grounds of opinion contrary to current executive, effective cancellation of parliamentary oversight over the executive,

2) illegal assumption of power by the executive by: unlawful de facto installment of the state of emergency, undemocratic political subordination of the law enforcement and security bodies, exercise of political police, systematic use of administrative resources, prosecution powers to intimidate citizens and political opponents,

3) continues violations of fundamental human rights by: systematic repression of peaceful protesters, limiting freedom of movement, security of persons, creating climate of fear, causing disappearances, actions resulted into thefts of the civic activists, promotion of impunity of law enforcement bodies and their associates,

4) use of arbitrary and unjustified force against people by: employment of firearms, snipers, weapons that are illegal against civilians under the international standards, use of illegal forces against the people for illegitimate purposes, hunting and torturing of peaceful activists, all resulting in dozens of casualties and thousands of people seriously injured,

5) unprecedented amplification of corruption by: taking over by a narrow circle through opaque deals of public assets, flourishing of private deals to the detriment of the national interest.

6) definitive loss of the legitimacy of the current president due to the responsibility for the erosion of the democratic institutions and systematic violations of human rights.

Proposals and actions to restore democratic institutions:

1) law-enforcements will immediately stop aggressive, provocative actions and will be withdrawn from the Independence Square, and protesters will take efforts to prevent violence,

2) Verkhovna Rada will consider voting the return to the Constitution Act of 2004 and the parliamentary regime – as long as it preserve the legitimacy of the Ukrainian people,

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3) Verkhovna Rada will consider forming a new majority with the participation of all parliamentary parties and investing a new uncompromised Government fully responsible for the executive power, given the loss of the legitimacy of the current president,

4) Verkhovna Rada will decide on setting the date for parliamentary and presidential elections during the summer -fall of 2014,

Addressing international bodies:

1) U.S., EU and other international actors will adopt effective sanctions targeted at the persons who are directly responsible for the erosion of democratic institutions in Ukraine,

2) Immediate engagement with all parliamentary party leaders and implementing deescalation and recommendations as above,

3) Engagement with the Russian authorities to ensure peaceful assurance process and sovereignty of Ukraine.

Addressing the democratic forces and public institutions ofMoldova:

1) Express full public support for the Democratic and European course of Ukraine,

2) Urge the authorities of the neighboring state for the respect of human rights and democratic institutions,

3) Draw lessons in pursuing development avoiding and preventing of conflict and confrontation climate in Moldova by engaging into multilateral dialogue with all relevant actors regarding the crucial decisions for the future of the country.


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