Balustrade of balcony of apartment building in Botanica collapses


The balustrade of a balcony at the eighth floor of an apartment building situated at 5 Decebal Blvd in Chisinau fell down in the evening of July 8. Two teams of rescuers and firefighters travelled to the scene, IPN reports.

According to the General Inspectorate for Emergencies, the balustrade was dismantled and taken away so that it didn’t cause damage and posed threats to people. No one was hurt in the incident.

Contacted by IPN for details, the head of Botanica district Boris Prepelița said he was at the scene together with experts who are to formulate their conclusions. The building’s administration should sound the alarm as. A decision will be taken after the expert appraisals become available.

In 2014, two men from Chisinau suffered injuries when the sixth-floor balcony of a building situated on Coca St in Buiucani district where they stayed collapsed. One of the men was rushed to the hospital in a serious state. As a result of that incident, the Buiucan district head’s office created an inspection commission and the managers were obliged to examine the balconies of all the apartment buildings.