Baccalaureate exams underway


Over 3,000 graduates of institutions teaching in languages of national minorities on June 2 take the first national Baccalaureate exam, in the Romanian language and literature. The Baccalaureate session 2023 will involve about 18,400 graduates and the exams will be sat in 57 Baccalaureate centers all over the country, IPN reports.

The next exam will be taken on June 6, in the language of study. The exam in the foreign language will be sat on June 9, the exams in math, Romanians’ and universal history, arts and sports – on June 16, the exam of one’s choose – in geography, physics, chemistry, biology, math, Romanians’ and universal history, and informatics – on June 16, while the exam in the Ukrainian/Bulgarian/Gagauz languages and literature (humanities/exact sciences) – on June 20.

President Maia Sandu transmitted a message addressed to the students, saying that the graduation exams are an opportunity to show the real potential and a control point in their trip to knowledge throughout life. “If you are on friendly terms with the book, work and discipline, you have definitely acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to excel at these exams. I encourage you to remain calm and confident. Regardless of the result, the future of each of you is full of countless possibilities. I wish you good luck!” said Maia Sandu.

Minister of Education and Research Anatolie Topală called on the graduates to focus on the exam subjects so as to obtain the results on which they have worked for years, day by day. “Creativity, originality, skills developed and knowledge gained while studying are the best friends in the exams hall,” he said. He noted that the Ministry of Education and Research, the National Agency for Curriculum and Assessment and all those involved in the organization and holding of the national Baccalaureate exams will be further making effort to ensure correct, transparent assessment by keeping the quality standards up.

The test papers will be graded at four national assessment centers in the municipality of Chisinau as from June 2. On June 26, the results of the main session will be posted at Baccalaureate centers.