Attacks on media are sapping freedom of press in Moldova - UJM


The Journalists Union of Moldova (UJM) expresses indignation and protest overt the illegal acts committed on Tuesday, March 27 by the police bodies in Chisinau against two reporting crews of PRO TV and DTV channels. Info-Prim Neo learned from the statement of UJM that the crew of PRO TV Chisinau was transported by force to the police office in a special car in which criminals are usually transported, although they were doing their job and had all the distinctive signs, holding ID cards issued by media institutions. DTV crew was aggressed directly in the headquarters of the Centru District Police Office, were it came to find information about the occurred events. Using threats against the journalists, the policemen took the tape from the camera and erased it. UJM says that in both cases, police showed disrespect to journalists, and behaviour which exceeds the constitutional limits. It is the proof that in Moldova the bodies meant to protect the public order got accustomed to intimidate media and journalists. The fact that these cases are repeated and the authorities do not take up an attitude by enforcing the law, suggests the assumption that these actions are controlled and aim at sapping the free media in Moldova, the statement reads. The Journalists Union urges authorities of Moldova to respect the rights and freedoms of media and journalists and not admit the irreversible destruction of the principles of state by means of lawlessness and tyranny.