Assets in the banking system amount to MDL 22 bln


The banking system registered an increase by 32.51% of the assets in the first 11 months of 2006, compared with 2006 or by 24.14% from the beginning of the year. On the whole, those 15 commercial banks have assets totalling MDL 22.3 bln compared with almost MDL 18 bln at the beginning of the year. The credits, the most important component of the assets, with a share of 59%, went up by 35% compared with the first 11 months of 2005 and with the beginning of the year – by over 30% and amount to MDL 13.13 bln or almost USD 1 bln. Of the total credits about 38% are in foreign currency. The data provided by the National Bank of Moldova on November 30 show that the deposits in the banking system amounted to almost MDL 17 bln and increased by 23.26% from the beginning of the year and by almost 36% compared with the similar period of last year. Of the total deposits, 52.48% belong to natural persons and the rest to the legal ones. The share of the deposits in foreign currency constitutes over 48%. According to official statistics, foreign investments have a share of almost 56% in the capital of Moldova’s commercial banks.