Application to notify authorities of local waste issues


The citizens can inform the authorities about waste issues in their community through an application that was developed by the public association WiSDOM. With the help of the Trash Alert Mobile Application (TAMA), one can find recycling services in the neighborhood. Notices and useful information about the waste collection days can be transmitted through this application.

ECOTOX president Elena Zubkov, in a news conference hosted by IPN, said the development of the application is one of the most important accomplishments of the CRoCuS project. The application enables to notify of waste pollution. “Information can be also obtained about how waste is composted and how something useful can be obtained, like humus that can be used in the garden,” said professor-researcher Elena Zubkov, who is a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences.

Nadejda Andreev, who heads the public association ”Women in Sustainable Development of Moldova” (WiSDOM), said that the application was also presented today in a workshop that brought together a large number of participants, namely representatives of mayor’s offices, educational institutions, cleanup associations, public associations interested in waste management etc. The application is designed to facilitate the reporting of illegal waste storage places, problems related to waste burning, discharge of waste into the water, etc.

The doctor of biological science also said that information about the waste collection days in the community and about the modification of schedule can be distributed through the application that is accessible in a number of languages and can be used not only in the Republic of Moldova.

The CRoCuS project is implemented in partnership by Earth Forever Foundation (Bulgaria), the public association WiSDOM and the public association Ecotox (Moldova), Mama-86 Nova Kahovka (Ukraine) and the Oancea mayor’s office (Romania) and is financed by the European Union through the European Neighborhood Instrument as part of the Joint Operational Program Black Sea Basin 2014-2020.

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