Andrian Cheptonar: Transnistrian administration became vocal to deserve its money from the Kremlin


There is no information that would confirm the preparation of bellicose actions in the Transnistrian region, and this was also announced by the head of the Ukrainian military intelligence Kyrylo Budanov, PAS MP Andrian Cheptonar stated in the talk show “Resumé” on RliveTV channel. According to the representative of the ruling party, the self-styled Transnistrian authorities became vocal after the entry into force of the provisions of the new Customs Code, which obliges the economic agents of the region to pay taxes to the state budget, but this dissatisfaction cannot generate the destabilization of the situation, IPN reports.

On the initiative of the separatist leader Vadim Krasnoselsky, a so-called congress of deputies of all levels from the region was scheduled for today. According to the agenda, the congress will center on subjects related to the political and socioeconomic situation in the region. Public reports say the separatist leaders intend to request Moscow to accept the Transnistrian region into the Russian Federation.

“The estimates of the authorities of the Republic of Moldova, which were also confirmed by Kyrylo Budanov, the chief of the Ukrainian military intelligence, are that there is no information about the preparation of bellicose actions on the part of the unrecognized l authorities in Tiraspol. For almost 20 years, such a congress hasn’t taken place and, in this context, it seems an extraordinary event, but I wouldn’t be so worried. We understand that the so-called Transnistrian authorities are concerned about the fact that they have lower revenues to the budget because, starting with January 1, 2024, the economic agents of the Transnistrian region have paid taxes to the state budget of the Republic of Moldova. We don’t allow the transit of goods to the Eastern districts if taxes to the state budget aren’t paid. This has diminished the revenues of the Transnistrian region and this upsets them,” PAS MP Andrian Cheptonar stated in the program “Resumé” on RliveTV.

Andrian Cheptonar, who is a member of the parliamentary commission for national security, defense and public order, noted that there are no reasons for concern and that the de facto administration in Tiraspol could only ask Russia for financial aid.

“They will ask for funding from the Russian Federation. In fact, they always sit with their hands outstretched there and are financially backed by the Russian Federation. Probably, Russia imposed conditions on them - to make a little noise, to be vocal for giving them money. They are now trying to sing the praises to deserve their money from their Kremlin masters,” said the PAS MP.

Earlier, Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu assured that there was no information to confirm a possible request from Tiraspol to accept the Transnistrian region into the Russian Federation.