Andrian Candu says on what conditions PDM would vote for Chicu Government


Democratic Party lawmaker Andrian Candu says there are some conditions under which the Democratic Party could vote for a government led by Ion Chicu, the candidate Igor Dodon put forward yesterday. The Democrat says his party did not take any decision in this regard yet, but he stated that Ion Chicu is a professional and does not have any political affiliation, which is an advantage in the current political conditions, IPN reports.

“If the Chicu Government has professionals, people who stood by experience, people who have no integrity or reputation issues, with a government program we consider acceptable, and if this future Government accepts to support some of the Democratic Party’s projects and initiatives and if we can communicate and work with this Government even from the opposition, then there is a probability we will support it”, stated Andrian Candu on the talk-show “Punctul pe azi ” on TVR Moldova.

The Democratic MP referred to the PDM social projects the party promoted when in power. These include the project that provided 200 lei allocation a month for children, until the age of 18, financial aid for holidays for pensioners and people from socially vulnerable families, as well as infrastructure projects. Also, Andrian Candu stated that the new Government must de facto implement the provisions of the Association Agreement between the Republic of Moldova and the European Union.

Also, Andrian Candu assured that even if PDM supports the president's candidacy for the position of prime minister, this does not mean that the democrats will enter some form of coalition with the socialists. “We will not make any coalitions with Socialist Party, we will not delegate persons from PDM to the Chicu Government and we will only support Chicu Government’s measures, programs and actions that align with PDM views, especially on the social and economic field, which are the basic pillars of our social-democratic doctrine”, argued the politician.

Candu says that PDM is against early parliamentary elections and will support any action or any government program that is consistent with PD views.