Andrian Candu says how next Cabinet should look like


Andrian Candu, the leader of the Pro Moldova Party, said they will reveal details about the future Cabinet and Prime Minister when the current Government led by Ion Chicu is dismissed, IPN reports.

“I cannot tell you something about the composition and cannot give names as it is premature. Such things happen according to a particular logic, at particular stages. We cannot remove the Chiu Government without having particular agreements as to the government program, the composition of the Cabinet and the professional experience of those ministers. Such things are discussed and will be discussed,” Andrian Candu stated in the talk show “Natalia Morari’s Politics” on TV8 channel.

As to the post of Premier, Andrian Candu said Pro Moldova will support any candidate of the three proposed by the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform”.

“It is the government program that matters the most. The post of Prime Minister and the Cabinet also matter. As to the Cabinet, we speak about the professional qualities and experience of the future Cabinet members more than about their political affiliation. They should be less affiliated and more professional. If they are affiliated and highly professional, this will do. It matters how the Cabinet will look like from professional viewpoint,” stated the politician.

On July 15, Andrian Candu informed that the 14 MPs of the Pro Moldova parliamentary group will support, without hesitation, any motion of no confidence against the current government.

The MPs of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” proposed and signed a motion of no confidence against the Government led by Ion Chicu. The MPs of the Party of Action and Solidarity said they will decide whether to support the motion or not this weekend.