Andrei Năstase files criminal lawsuit, demands to prosecute President Dodon


A criminal complaint signed by about 2,000 persons, by which the president of the Party “Dignity and Truth Platform” (PPPDA) Andrei Năstase requests the prosecutor general to prosecute President Igor Dodon for acts of corruption and unjust enrichment, was filed to the Prosecutor General’s Office on January 23, IPN reports.

According to the leader of the PPPDA, the lawsuit is a follow-up to his permanent requests to investigate functionaries, regardless of their political color, either prosecutors and judges or politicians and MPs, for acts of corruption and unjust enrichment.

“Today, given the investigation conducted by Ziarul de Gardă into the unjustified revenues, but also the enormous amounts spent by President Igor Dodon, I came with this complaint that was signed by people,” the politician stated in a news conference given in front of the PGO.

Two days ago, PPPDA vice president Alexandr Slusari requested the National Integrity Authority and the State Tax Service to check the sums spent by Igor Dodon on luxury vacations against the declared incomes of his family. He asked to apply the indirect methods for assessing revenues stipulated in the Penal Code and to ascertain the circumstances of tax evasion in very large amounts.

In another development, the leader of the PPPDA reiterated his call to the political forces of the right to combine forces for the parliamentary elections that will take place in single-member constituency No.38 Hâncești. According to him, Mihai Druță was proposed by the PPPDA as a candidate of all the pro-European parties. “One day before the day when initiative groups can start to be registered, I ascertain with regret that our political forces chose again the division. The PPPDA will insist and will continue to promote the idea of the union of the national, democratic and pro-European forces,” stated Andrei Năstase.