All election contenders in this campaign struggled with BeCS, statements


In the current election campaign, all the election contenders struggled with the Electoral Bloc of the Communists and the Socialists (BeCS) as this entity is a danger to them, but for the citizens it is a hope, said the leader of the PSRM Igor Dodon. According to him, only the Party of Communists and the Party of Socialists remained independent and authentic Moldovan parties that are not directed from outside. Most of the other contenders are directly or indirectly under foreign influence, IPN reports.

In a news conference to sum up the election campaign that also involved the leader of the PCRM Vladimir Voronin, Igor Dodon said the representatives of the Bloc in the campaign had over 20,000 electoral meetings and discussed with over 1 million voters. The Socialist leader accused the parties of the right of aggressiveness and of committing violations, including use of the administrative resource.

According to him, during the 30 years of Independence, the parties of the left have won the elections and BeCS on July 11 will continue this tradition and will win. Only two political forces can enter Parliament – BeCS and “those of the right”. The PSRM and PCRM after the elections will remain united and are ready to assume responsibility for the urgent formation of an efficient government.

Ex-President Vladimir Voronin noted that the program of BeCS is a ready-made program for a government. The government should permanently focus on the people. In the discussions they had, the people spoke about their problems and the faced poverty. The Bloc worked out a strategy for attracting investment, creating well-paid jobs, increasing pensions, etc. The entity also aims to revive the Moldovan villages. Now more than ever the nation should unite as division leads nowhere.

Asked about the costs incurred in the election campaign, the politicians said the total costs will be determined after the camping, but most of their funds went on leaflets and newspapers. Igor Dodon noted the Bloc spent less money than their opponents “that will not even enter Parliament”.