Alexandru Slusari about PSRM – Shor Party vote: They bargained all day long


The government coalition between the Shor Party, the MPs of the For Moldova Platform and the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova entered the election campaign when the MPs who left Pro Moldova created this platform. Moreover, the Shor Party and the Party of Socialists had negotiations on all the bills that were adopted yesterday in Parliament, said PPPDA MP Alexandru Slusari.

“The people realized long ago that the “ShorDon” alliance exists. It appeared during the election campaign, when the MPs switched from Pro Moldova to For Moldova,” IPN quoted Alexandru Slusari as saying in the program “Black Box” on TV8 channel.

He noted that during the breaks in the December 3 plenary sitting of Parliament, the Shor Party and the PSRM negotiated particular interests.

“They had bargained all they long today and didn’t vote so easily. Those hours of breaks were transformed into negotiations. Vote for the bill on the SIS and we will give you the stadium, vote for the other laws and we will give you the ambulatory drugstores of Shor type, vote for other law and receive seats on the Standing Bureau,” he stated.

PAS MP Dumitru Alaiba noted the legalization of the new parliamentary coalition was visible from “cosmos” and the MPs adopted the most important laws with the closed eyes, without realizing what they adopted and what effects these laws can have.

For his part, PSRM MP Alexandr Nesterovschi assured that there is no coalition between the Shor Party and the Party of Socialists, accusing simultaneously the opposition of voting bills alongside the group of the Shor Party in the last siting.

On December 3, the MPs of the Party of Socialists, the Shor Party and the For Moldova Platform passed, without the bills being presented by the authors, the draft state budget law, the draft state social insurance law and the draft law on the mandatory health insurance funds for 2021, the bill to amend and supplement the Code of Audiovisual Media Services, the bill on the functioning of languages spoken on the territory of the Republic of Moldova and the bill to amend and supplement Article 27 of the Law on the Special Legal Status of Gagauzia. They also adopted in two readings the proposal to transfer the SIS from the President’s subordination under the management of Parliament.