Alcohol and drugs - originators of domestic violence


The alcohol and drugs are the main causes of violence that breaks out in families. Most wranglers in a family, who are under police supervision, are alcohol and drug addicts, head of the public order police Division within the Ministry of Interior Affairs (MIA), Mihai Cibotaru, stated on Tuesday, January 30, at a press conference, Info-Prim Neo reports. According to the quoted source, domestic violence has many forms, including physical violence, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, intimidation, economic deprivation or threats of violence. Cibotaru affirms that often domestic abuse is not considered as an offence until it generates in a serious crime. In anticipation of this stage the district inspector should play a special role. He is obliged to perform prevention activities, to get involved before an accident caused by an intoxicated and violent person occurs, MIA official asserts. At present there is attested an increase in the number of persons who treat violently their families and chronic alcoholics under police supervision. As such, the police are supervising 5345 brawlers, of whom 1692 have been taken under supervision for the first time in 2006. Of their total number, 19 committed different offences, including 2 murders, 4 cases of severe bodily injuries, 5 thefts. Concurrently, 37.991 chronic alcoholics are under the Narcological Dispensary’s supervision, of whom 13.737 received obligatory treatment. Requested by Info-Prim Neo, neurologist doctor Valentina Antoci stated that police statistics reveal just a small part of the reality. Most of the violence victims refuse to report such cases to the police and doctors. The largest number of cases of domestic violence in is reported between 7.00 pm and 11.00 pm, as well in the mornings of all the days of the week.