Ala Tocarciuc: Mankind has potential to manage any crisis


The mankind has potential to manage any crisis if it adjusts the ways of thinking. This is one of the conclusions presented by Ala Tocarciuc, international public health expert, in her new book “First Global Quarantine”, IPN reports.

“The book is an analytical amalgam of all the response measures taken by mankind globally during the current pandemic,” the author of the book stated in a news conference that preceded the launch of the book. It is also an attempt to gather together collective expertise in managing the pandemic in a simple form for the current general public and, possibly, for the next generations. The book is primarily based on life experiences seen through the angle of a specialist with over 30 years’ experience in the medical and pharmaceutical fields, including over 15 years of service as the regional director for CIS countries with an expert international company.

The volume has four chapters. The first chapter is about the mankind’s level of preparedness for this pandemic. The second and third chapters are about the difficulties experienced by the people in the period and the steps taken to solve the pandemics crisis. The last part is devoted to the conclusions and learned lessons and also to the author’s personal reflections about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the way in which this will influence life in the future.

In her book, Ala Tocarciuc lays emphasis on a way of thinking centering on crisis management. “The way of thinking presented in this book can be applied in any crisis, including in case of a community or household crisis (...) The way of thinking is actually a simple one: when we face a crisis, we first of all consider the resources available at a certain moment,” said the expert, reminding of the therapies based on mRNA vectors or technologies existing earlier, which were adjusted for immunization against COVID-19.

Ala Tocarciuc also describes the limitations faced by humankind during crises. “A lot of decisions need to be taken in conditions of shortage of information and lack of time. Very important are also the human limitations, besides the system limitations,” stated the expert, mentioning also the limitations related to the scientific potential. “Initially, science was denied or science was used to lead the people to wrong paths”.

Despite the depicted limitations and difficulties, Ala Tocarciuc’s book has an optimistic tone: “If we manage to mobilize and adjust all the available resources, we will successfully eliminate most of the limitations and can turn a crisis into a development opportunity”.

“First Global Quarantine”/”Pervyi Mirovoy Carantin” was printed at the Central Publishing House and is available from bookstores as of today.