Academician, composer and conductor Gheorghe Mustea celebrates 70th birthday


Academician, composer and conductor Gheorghe Mustea recently turned 70. On this occasion, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, the Cultural Heritage Institute and the Academy of Sciences of Moldova staged an anniversary roundtable meeting. Famous persons addressed wishes and praise to Mustea, IPN reports.

In his congratulatory message, academician Mihai Cimpoi said that besides the polyvalent qualities of conductor, composer and instrumentalist, Gheorghe Mustea is also very active in the academic community and cooperates with national writers. “He is one of those who cooperate fruitfully with our lyricists and has music on the verses of such classical poets as Eminescu. Music is beautiful because it has something of holiness, while the fact that we celebrate the feast of Saint Gheorghe today has a special significance,” stated Mihai Cimpoi. He offered him the medal of the World Congress of Eminescologists so that this inspires him further to put verses of Mihai Eminescu to music. He also gave him a poetry volume of Eminescu as a present.

Academician Ion Tighineanu, president of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, and the Academy’s vice president Victor Moraru also congratulated the musician. Victor Moraru said that Gheorghe Mustea obtained everything in his life by work and devotion. “In fact, he had the big intuition of the vocation. This is not given to everyone and he remained in time faithful to this calling of the soul at each stage of his development, reaping the deserved harvest and permanently enriching his accomplishments,” he stated, noting that Mustea is well-known in Moldova and abroad owing to his multilateral activity.

Conductor Alexandru Samoilă, a friend and colleague of the musician, transmitted a congratulatory message from Moscow to Gheorghe Mustea. He appreciated the works of Gheorghe Mustea, especially the opera “Alexandru Lapușneanul”, describing it as an explosion in Moldovan culture that, interpreted by Maria Bieșu, created a great impression among the public. He wished his friend good health as he has enough talent, kindness and love for work.

In the event, there were presented fragments of the film “Confessions with Gheorghe Mustea”. Academician, composer and conductor Gheorghe Mustea was born in Mândrești village of Telenești district on May 1, 1951.