About union of leaders thirsty for power, Socialists’ temptation to modify prices and electoral gas promotions


IPN flow synopsis for January 15, 2020

One way or the other one?

Director of the Institute for Strategic Initiatives Vladislav Kulminski said the proposal formulated by the leader of the PPPDA Andrei Năstase as regards a common nonparty candidate for President is not feasible. By such a move, Andrei Năstase is trying to save his political career. On the other hand, the PPPDA has the capacity to come with an own candidate before the people, as Andrei Năstase noted.

We already had a large building site in Moldova, or not

The development of infrastructure is a priority and in 2020 we will transform the Republic of Moldova into a large building site to construct roads and other infrastructure facilities. We will work intensely to attract investments and to create jobs in all the country’s districts,” said Prime Minister Ion Chicu.

Gas tariffs will not be changed yet

Energy expert Victor Parlicov said the gas tariffs should be raised, but they will not be raised this year for political reasons. According to him, “the NAER will continue to deal more with the political agenda than to regulate prices. Our problem is that the politicians deal with tariffs, while the regulator, the NAER, which should deal with tariffs, focuses on politics.”

Have a good start, without guitar, salt and bread

The political movement Union was officially founded on January 15 by the Liberal Party, the Romanian People’s Party, the Save Bessarabia Union, the Democracy at Home Party and the National Liberal Party.

Voronin also dreamed of a price of 2 rubles and 20 kopeks

The Government will once a week carry out a detailed analysis of the prices of all types of products, with emphasis on social products. It is important that the state bodies, including the Competition Council, do not allow cartel agreements. But the prices are set by business entities,” stated Premier Chicu.
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